Best Wireless Car Phone Charger And Car Mount India 2021



Best Wireless Car Phone Charger And Car Mount India 2021

The Wireless Car Phone Charger is the most important gadget or things in our present time we all are currently surrounded by electronic gadgets and products which is run on battery or power, so we need to charge our gadget like phone, ipad, earpod and laptops etc…

Now the time is we are use Inductive charging (also known as wireless charging or cordless charging) is a type of wireless power transfer. It uses electromagnetic induction to provide electricity to portable devices.

The Wireless Car Phone Charger And Car Mount is use with most common application is the Qi wireless charging standard for smartphones, smartwatches, tablets and Laptops Inductive charging is also used in vehicles, power tools, electric toothbrushes and medical devices.

The portable equipment can be placed near a charging station or inductive pad without needing to be precisely aligned or make electrical contact with a dock or plug.

Style Name : Car Wireless Stand

WIRELESS CAR CHARGER car phone mount can provide overheat, over-voltage, and short circuit protection to ensure charging safety & is Automatic clamping wireless car charger.

Built-in infrared induction sensor powerful motor, it provides the perfect clamping force to automatically lock your smartphone base which can strengthen buffer & better hold the mobile phone firmly.

One hand operation, when the phone is closed to the infrared sensor area, car phone mount will get closed, then you only need to touch sensor behind area and simple one tap will release your phones.

Car wireless charger works with all Qi-enabled phone. 7.5 W for iPhone fast charging 10W Android fast charging & 5W standard charging for other Need QC 3.0 or above car charger is required for faster charging, which is not included.

Dyazo wireless car charger is much better than other Qi certified charging pad in the market Please Check your Phone Wireless Charging Capability Before Buying the product as this product can only charge Wireless charging enable Phones Wireless charger ,Holding Clip and a Micro usb wire is included in this Package Please Use your Existing Car Charger Or buy Separate For Power Input

The Product comes with a Worry-Free 3 years Warranty On Pro Rata Basis 1st Year 100 Percent Replacement, 2nd Year 50 % And 3rd Year 75 % Depreciation will be charged.

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Greater distances between sender and receiver coils can be achieved when the inductive charging system uses resonant inductive coupling, where a capacitor is added to each induction coil to create two LC circuits with a specific resonance frequency.

The frequency of the alternating current is matched with the resonance frequency, and the frequency chosen depending on the distance desired for peak efficiency.

Recent improvements to this resonant system include using a movable transmission coil (i.e., mounted on an elevating platform or arm) and the use of other materials for the receiver coil such as silver-plated copper or sometimes aluminum to minimize weight and decrease resistance due to the skin effect.

It charges iphone 11 quite fast when connected with 3A charger. Of course one cant compare with direct charging. One star less as it does not charge my airpods pro. Was expecting it to charge both phone and airpods.

Inductive charging is so named because it transfers energy through inductive coupling. First, alternating current passes through an induction coil in the charging station or pad.

The moving electric charge creates a magnetic field, which fluctuates in strength because the electric current’s amplitude is fluctuating.

This changing magnetic field creates an alternating electric current in the portable device’s induction coil, which in turn passes through a rectifier to convert it to direct current. Finally, the direct current charges a battery or provides operating power.


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