High-powered LED headlamp for outdoor activities

  • 600 Lumens High Brightness Headlamp–Designed with an energy-efficient COB light strip and one XPE auxiliary light. LED headlamp can be 600 lumens max, sufficient brightness for most daily work. The wide area COB light 230° provides a larger illumination range, giving you a wide visible range.
  • Multiple Modes — 5 light modes of brightness: COB High/COB Low/XPE High/XPE Low/COB & XPE strobe, meeting your various lighting needs.
  • Motion Sensor Modes–Built-in motion sensor allows you to control the light on and off by waving your hands before the lamp. Practical design when you are not convenient to press the button.



Experience Unparalleled Illumination with the ELEPHANTBOAT® 600 Lumen LED Headlamp

Venture into the darkness with confidence armed with the ELEPHANTBOAT® 600 Lumen LED Headlamp, High-powered LED headlamp for outdoor activities your unwavering companion for any outdoor adventure.

This high-powered headlamp delivers an impressive 600 lumens, illuminating your surroundings with exceptional clarity and reach. Whether you’re navigating rugged trails under the starry sky, exploring hidden coves at night, or tackling demanding tasks in low-light conditions, this versatile headlamp ensures you have the light you need to succeed.

  • Lightweight & IPX4 waterproof–The headlamp is designed for long durability, only 80g, lightweight but sturdy. IPX4’s waterproof design means it can be used outdoors and can stand in various kinds of weather, even on rainy days, it can well function.
  • Practical Headlamp In Life– An Elastic headband is suitable for most people to wear. With the LED headlamp, you can be more flexible when you are at work, essential headlamp for Car repair, Camping, Hiking, Outdoor Work, etc
  • USB Charging, Long Work Duration–Built-in 1200mAh battery, can be charged by power bank or connecting any adapter. Can be used in high brightness mode for about 3 hours at fully charged.

Rechargeable Headlamp with Motion Sensor for Hands-Free Operation

Embrace convenience and efficiency with the ELEPHANTBOAT® Headlamp’s innovative motion sensor feature. Simply wave your hand in front of the headlamp to switch between high, low, and SOS modes, keeping your hands free for important tasks.

The headlamp’s rechargeable battery provides hours of continuous illumination, eliminating the need for frequent battery replacements.

Waterproof Headlamp for Running, Camping, and Hiking

Conquer any weather condition with the ELEPHANTBOAT® Headlamp’s IPX4 waterproof rating. Whether you’re braving torrential downpours during a backpacking trip or enduring misty mornings on a camping expedition, this headlamp can withstand the elements without compromising its performance.

Headlamp with Reflective Bond for Enhanced Visibility

Stay safe and visible with the ELEPHANTBOAT® Headlamp’s reflective bond. This unique feature enhances your visibility to other individuals, particularly during nighttime activities such as running, cycling, or walking along roadways.

Versatile Headlamp for Fishing, Hunting, and Car Repairing

The ELEPHANTBOAT® Headlamp is more than just an outdoor lighting tool; it’s a versatile companion for a wide range of activities. Its multiple light modes, hands-free operation, and waterproof construction make it ideal for fishing, hunting, car repairing, or any task that requires hands-free illumination.

Headlamp with Multiple Light Modes for Various Needs

Choose the perfect light intensity for your needs with the ELEPHANTBOAT® Headlamp’s multiple light modes. Switch between high, low, and SOS modes to cater to different situations, from navigating dense forests to signaling for help in emergencies.

Comfortable and Lightweight Headlamp for Extended Wear

Enjoy long-lasting comfort with the ELEPHANTBOAT® Headlamp’s lightweight and ergonomic design. Its adjustable headband ensures a secure and comfortable fit, preventing slippage during even the most demanding activities.

Durable Headlamp for Rugged Outdoor Conditions

Constructed from high-quality materials, the ELEPHANTBOAT® Headlamp is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures. Its durable casing and impact-resistant construction can handle bumps, scratches, and exposure to the elements.

Bright Headlamp for Nighttime Activities

Illuminate your path with the ELEPHANTBOAT® Headlamp’s powerful 600 lumens. Its bright beam pierces through darkness, allowing you to see clearly and safely navigate your surroundings at night.

Hands-Free Headlamp for Convenient Use

Keep your hands free for important tasks with the ELEPHANTBOAT® Headlamp’s hands-free operation. Its motion sensor feature and adjustable angle allow for easy control and positioning of the light beam.

Elevate Your Outdoor Adventures with the ELEPHANTBOAT® 600 Lumen LED Headlamp

Embrace the freedom of exploring the outdoors at night with the ELEPHANTBOAT® 600 Lumen LED Headlamp. Its exceptional brightness, versatile features, and durable construction make it the ultimate companion for any outdoor enthusiast.

Order your today High-powered LED headlamp for outdoor activities and experience the difference that superior illumination can make in your outdoor adventures.

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