SUBTON Photography Ring Light (mini) for Mobile Laptop...

You get a free OTG adapter along with this purchase which helps you in connecting your light with your cell phone so that if in any situation battery goes off you can use your phone as a source of battery & record video/photoshoot at the sametime.Using Light for continously 8-10 Hours with OTG adapter connected with cell phone will not damage its circuit.You also receive a cell phone stand to keep phone on table while using camera or to watch videos without holding with your hand.
Before use please charge it atleast 1 hours to get a good backup.Please Visit our YouTube channel | SUBTON | for full demonstration & working of this selfie Light.
SELFIE RING LIGHT 3 highlight LED bulbs, Provide supplemental or side lighting for creative photography and videography, Continuous LED light, no heat and with a bright light in low light scene