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Power through 3,000 clicks with built-in batteries! This remote controls your camera from 10 meters away, perfect for group selfies and capturing epic landscapes without ever touching your phone. 5 buttons handle everything – switch, pair, snap, and configure for both Android and iOS.



Say goodbye to blurry arm selfies and awkward tripod setups! Enter the Universal Bluetooth Selfie Stick Remote Shutter Button with Adjustable Phone Clip, your pocketable passport to picture-perfect memories.

Whether you’re conquering mountain peaks or strutting city streets, this vlogging and travel sidekick has your back (and your front!).

Universal Bluetooth Selfie Stick Remote Shutter Button with Adjustable Phone Clip, Compatible with iOS & Android Cameras, Compact & Portable for Vlogging & Travel

Universal Appeal, Unleashed:

This versatile wonder seamlessly embraces both iOS and Android, meaning no camera is left out.

Capture breathtaking landscapes on your DSLR, nail those TikTok trends with your iPhone, or document your family reunion on that trusty Samsung – this Bluetooth hero connects like a global citizen!

No More Cramped Fingers:

The adjustable phone clip cradles your smartphone like a comforting hug, ensuring secure selfies even during your most adventurous escapades. Ditch the precariously balanced phone gymnastics and focus on capturing the moment, not fumbling with your device.

One-Click Clicktivism:

Forget stretching your arm like a rubber band to hit the shutter button. This remote control masterpiece lets you command your camera from afar, allowing you to be both in the picture and behind the lens.

Vlog your solo hikes, capture group selfies without missing the scenery, or document epic travel moments without feeling like a contortionist.

Pocket-Sized Perfection:

Travel light, travel smart. This compact wonder folds down neatly, fitting snugly in your backpack or purse. No more cumbersome tripods weighing you down – unleash your inner explorer without sacrificing picture-perfect moments.

Beyond Selfies, a World of Possibilities:

Your Bluetooth buddy isn’t just for narcissistic solo shots. Use it for time-lapse masterpieces, group photos without arm fatigue, or controlling your camera for remote studio shoots. The possibilities are as endless as your wanderlust!

Invest in Memories, Invest in Yourself:

This Universal Bluetooth Selfie Stick is more than just a gadget; it’s your passport to capturing life’s adventures in their full glory. So ditch the blurry souvenirs and awkward angles, and embrace the click-worthy future!


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